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Welcome to Stereodose, a pretty dope site dedicated to bringing you online music—with a slight twist!

Genres can only go so far in describing how a song FEELS, and generic moods like “happy” are too broad in scope to properly match a song’s essence. Stereodose categorizes music by substance names, which capture many intangible aspects about music that other sorting methods usually miss.

It is impossible to deny the momentous influence substances such as marijuana and LSD have had on music, inspiring legends like The Beatles all the way to modern Hip Hop artists like Wiz Khalifa. However, drug abuse should never be taken lightly. Be safe, take care of yourself and others, and don't hesitate to seek help if you need it!

Have fun and enjoy…I feel like, the music sounds better with you!

Thanks to FontFabric.com for providing the Hero and Code fonts! Also thanks to Soundcloud for providing an amazing streaming service.

Big thanks to the guys at Pythonanywhere and Web2py as well...if you like Python, definitely check em out!

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Shrooms - Shaman: Connor E.